Polymer Researchers Network

Polymer Researchers Network (PRN), managed by TechnoBiz is a global network of researchers, whose specialization is focusing on polymer processing with reference to rubber, polyurethanes, plastics and composites materials for applications in various industries. Through this Network, TechnoBiz is aimed to promote research works of members to the industry and creating a platform for researchers and industries to exchange information and explore opportunities. The membership is FREE for all interested researchers. Their profile and specialization will be publicized through TechnoBiz. Network members will also have an opportunity to present their research work as a Research Webinar and also through various social media platforms managed by TechnoBiz. Interested researchers are invited to join as a member by filling details in the membership form. Here is list of current members of Polymer Researchers Network.

Abhishek Gupta

Position: Lecturer

Organization: University of Wolverhampton

Country: U.K.


  • D-Pharmacy, Government medical college, Patiala: India Year:1998
  • B.Sc, Kurukshetra University: India Year:2001
  • M.Sc, Punjabi University: India Year:2004
  • MPhil, University of Wolverhampton: U.K. Year:2008
  • PhD, University of Wolverhampton: U.K. Year:2020

Published Papers: 20   

Patents: 0

Polymer science, Wound management, Hydrogel dressings, Bacterial cellulose, Natural antimicrobials, Metal nanoparticles, Microbiology, Pharmaceutics, Solubility enhancing carriers like cyclodextrins for pharmaceutical application, Forensic science, Forensic fingerprints.




Country: France


  • BTech, Mahatma Gandhi University, Kerala: India Year:2011
  • MTech, Cochin University of Science and Technology: India Year:2013
  • PhD, Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur: India Year:2019

Published Papers: 8   

Nanofiller synthesis, Polymer blends and composites, Sustainable fillers and composites

Hassan Iftekhar Ahmed

Position: Lecturer

Organization: National Textile University (NTU)

Country: Pakistan


  • BS Mechanical Engineering, Ghulam Ishaq Khan Institute : Pakistan Year:2011
  • MASc Mechanical Engineering, Ontario Tech University : Canada Year:2016

Published Papers: 5   

Patents: 1

Currently working in National Center of Composite Materials. Specialization in Numerical Modelling


Position: Technical Manager

Organization: ATS synthetic (pvt) Ltd

Country: Pakistan


  • Master In Chemistry, Uni. Of Punjab, Lahore: Pakistan Year:1997
  • Post Graduation in Ch. Tech, Uni. Of Punjab, Lahore: Pakistan Year:1998

24 years of in-depth technical and commercial knowledge and experience in Polyurethanes industry, related to polyester polyols, system house for Shoe Sole, Rigid foam, Flexible HR Foam and Thermoplastic PU applications. Specialized in product development, new customer development and commercialization of new product in start-up situations to achieve substantial new business-realization. Major strengths include dealing with various different working and business cultures such as countries like Turkey, China, South Korea, Germany and Italy, where I was relocated, to assist in achieving valuable results. I am also analytical and structured in my thinking and problem solving process. I believe in relationship building and developing a strong sense of customer focus, which was my key success in new business development

Sajawal Raza

Position: Researcher

Organization: University of Gujrat

Country: Pakistan


  • Bachelor Chemical Engineering, University of Gujrat: Pakistan Year:2016

Published Papers: 0   

Patents: 0

Polymer Engineering

Sanjay Thorat

Position: Researcher

Organization: BeDimensional SpA

Country: Italy


  • BSc, Shivaji University, Kolhapur : India Year:2002
  • MSc, Shivaji University, Kolhapur : India Year:2005
  • PhD, University of Genova : Italy Year:2014

Published Papers: 16   

Patents: 03

Researcher having experience from research institutes and industries. Experienced in the field of polymer composites and 2D materials. Currently developing graphene or other 2D material-based products such as polymer composites, coatings, laminates, resins, paints, lubricants, membranes, and 3D printing filaments.